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Organized Activites

Friday, July 9

The Day Before the Wedding

7pm | Downtown Eugene

Friday, July 9

Still working out details. Karaoke at the Barn Light in Downtown Eugene

Sunday, July 11

The Day After the Wedding

1pm - 3pm    | Float the river with us! RSVP

Sunday, July 11

1pm - 3pm | Float in the River

Details provided at the wedding

Other things to do

Travel far

Not the Capitol of Oregon, but the primary business and cultural hub of it, Portland is our ‘Big City’. Just like any other big city, there is tons to do. Our favorite activity is dining at the resturant/bar at the Portland City Grill, or maybe its wandering around Powell’s Book Store. We still haven’t decided.

Bend is Oregon’s vacation home hub. Visitors enjoy the high desert summer sun on the rivers, trails, and rocks all mixed together in one easy location. Just 45 minutes to the north, Smith Rock is a must-see if you visit Bend – there is also a great alpaca farm on the way there, you can’t miss it. Also, making stops at Devil’s Lake and other viewpoints along the Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway are essential when traveling from Eugene to Bend. Oh, and the downtown is so full and walkable. Lots to do while visiting Bend.



Just up the mountain about 1.5 hours, there are two great waterfalls about 0.5 walking miles apart, it’s seriously the easiest waterfall hike in the area. Koosah Falls and Sahalie Falls can be a 2.5 mile round trip, or a 1 mile out and back walk in the woods. You could even just park at one waterfall, get back in the car and drive to the other. Easy parking at both waterfalls, easy walking between them along a gorgeous, fast moving river in the forest. There is a lot of beauty on the way up to the falls (even a Hot Spring pool!) that is worth seeing. Bring Lunch!

Featuring at least 1 massive waterfall that you can walk behind without getting wet. Just about 1.5 hours north of Eugene, this great park has tons of trails for day hiking. You’ll also pass through the cute little town of Silverton. You might as well make a day of this and visit Salem for a little bit of sightseeing.

Recommended staying overnight if visiting. This is a trip to make! There is truly nothing like seeing this massive crater. We don’t have a ton of advice for visiting Crater Lake except that its worth at least seeing, kind of like the Grand Canyon.

Do something for the day

A little bit of every type of food and drink. This cool beer hall and food hub used to be a beautiful church; now its a beautiful beer hall. One of Mikey’s favorite places –

Similar to Public House but more food trucky and with some Marie Calendar vibes. Lots of great options, just like Public House, but with a bit more seating –

Sizzle Pie, Killer Burger, Voodoo Donuts, and more. Dinner or desert in town is all in walking distance of each other. Maybe you also want to go to a bar late at night, well this is the only place you need to go.

Off The Waffle and Jazzy Ladies are near eachother in Downtown Eugene. Both tasty local breakfast spots, but they both can get busy, and Jazzy Ladies is likely one of the smallest restaurants in town.

Stay in town

Downtown life is lovely in the summer, with the Saturday Market and a walkable downtown area, there is more to see than you will likely get to in one trip. We have a few recommendations in the next section about places to eat and drink. Some of our favorite local activities are riding bikes through Alton Baker Park and along the rivers, floating down the rivers, and visiting some local golf courses and grabbing a drink after.

If you need to take a long walk, hang out by the river, rent a kayak, or play frisbee golf, Alton Baker Park might be your place.

Can’t get enough of this place. Mt Pisgah has tons of easy walking trails and opportunities to touch the North Fork Willamette River. If you’re feeling adventurous, make the hike to the top of the mountain for views of the Willamette Valley. Or maybe take a long float (4-5 hours worth) from Mt Pisgah to Island Park. Parking $4