Eugene and Beyond

Where to Stay


Campgrounds and RV Parks

Best Western New Oregon

Right across the street from the University of Oregon, this location is great for saving a few dollars and still being close to the action of Downtown Eugene. Also, they have a pool!

1655 Franklin Boulevard Eugene, Oregon 97403

Three-star Hotel



There are a ton of options in this area for Airbnb. We don’t have any specific recommendations, but when traveling in a larger group, this is always more fun to us

Lane County, Oregon

The Graduate Hotel

Top Golf and right in the real downtown Eugene

66 E 6th Ave, Eugene, OR 97401

Three-star Hotel


Deerwood RV Park

This RV Park is the closest you can get to Mt Pisgah and just a few moments off of the I-5.

35059 Seavey Loop Rd, Eugene, OR 97405


Armitage Park Campground

This beautiful park is just on the edge of the McKenzie River. A popular place for hanging out on the river and maybe even fishing. We have spent time here after floating down the river. stay.

90064 Coburg Rd, Eugene, OR 97408

Where to Fly

Eugene Airport

Generally, the two-hour drive from Portland is typically not worth the money saved. Our rule of thumb is to only fly PDX if the flight through EUG is more than $200-$300 extra. Also, more than a few times, we’ve gone from getting out of the car, through security, to sitting at the gate waiting for our flight in less than 10 minutes. 15 minutes from Downtown Eugene.

Portland International Airport

Our international airport. City ordinances (or some other rules) restrict businesses here from charging more than the same amount that they charge for products outside of the airport; so prices for foods inside the airport are not inflated, which is great!
Minimum 2 hours driving from Eugene. Consider a $40 shuttle from PDX to Eugene.