Tayler & Mikey

Mt Pisgah | Eugene, Oregon

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Bride & Groom

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Tayler Perez

Hi, I am Tayler

I hope you know that by now… I use to be tan all year long because I grew up and resided in southern California. I liked running just a little bit and ran my way through community college (MT SAC) then transferred to Cal State San Bernardino where I ran some more, got some education, and met Mikey, my soon to be husband (weird). The first time I officially remember meeting Mikey was when I embarrassed him in the student union at our school with a sarcastic comment (you know me). I am glad that I did not completely scare him away. Since Mikey and I have been together I have done some more running, a lot more crafting, adopted some animals and oh yea, moved to the Pacific Northwest, where I am not tan all year long. I love my life with Mikey and am excited to experience more life and make fun of him til the end of time.

Mikey Villavicencio

Hi, I am Mikey.

Born and grown in the San Francisco Bay Area, I enjoyed playing video games, sports, and music, and exploring the outside. I grew my hair out and cut it all off and then went away for school in San Bernardino, CA. After 4 years in school, I met Tayler at a Cross Country race where she and I were spectating and taking pictures. Since then, I’ve enjoyed playing video games, sports, and music, exploring outside, and taking care of life with Tayler by my side.

Our Story

In case we haven’t got to tell you yet.

First meet

8 Nov 2014

The 2014 CCAA Conference Championship, we both came out to support our schools XC team. Our paths had crossed a few times before this but we never got a chance to really meet each other.  After sharing Snapchats we just clicked. You just know when you know, right?

First date

19 Nov 2014

Jackie’s birthday was quite the day. Marcos and Mikey arrived way too early, I stayed way late. There was a lot of people there, but it was obvious we were going to hang out with eachother all that night.


27 Aug 2019

It felt right after taking on the world as adults together; traveling the country, moving to Oregon, adopting a ton of pets, flying on vacation to Hawaii a couple of times. We took a short backpacking trip with the dogs to Diamond Peak area, a little lake called Rock Pile lake, where Mikey absolutely surprised Tayler with a proposal. Obviously, she said yes.


10 July 2021

We are just happy to be celebrating this day with our friends and family. We love our families so much, we really don’t want to do it without you.

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Sierra is a coastal-grown + disney-obsessed creative residing in Eugene, OR where you could find her in a local coffee shop, playing endless amounts of cribbage, or listening to showtunes + classical music.
Sierra Rose
Dominic is a friend of the couple who loves taking photos and filming weddings, couples in love, lifestyle brands, and music. This has allowed me to work with various artists and companies across the US. I specialize in a unique style that weaves a sense of love and nostalgia throughout my work.
Dominic Trujillo
Jeffrey & Layla are a dynamic husband and wife wedding entertainment team based in Eugene Oregon. We have been in business together since 2004 and have a genuine love for people, marriage, kids and of course music and weddings!
True Love Sound
Dj and host

Main Ceremony

4:00pm – 5:00pm
Eugene, Oregon


5:00pm – 10:00

Same place